Why Should You Hire Licensed Consultants

Why Should You Hire Licensed Consultants For Your Canada PR?

According to new data obtained from IRCC, Canada exceeded its 2021 immigration target and landed 405,303 immigrants. IRCC is now planning to invite 1.3 million new immigrants in the next three years. 

So, if you are a skilled worker or a student or someone with immediate and extended family already residing in Canada, this is the best time to move to Canada.

Licensed Consultants can help ensure a smooth stress Canada PR process

With lucrative job opportunities, universal healthcare and free education for kids, Canada has become a top choice for permanent residency.

How can I become a permanent resident of Canada? 

You need to file a visa application and the best way to do that is through Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants authorised by Canada regulatory council.

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What is a Licensed Immigration Consultant?

Licensed Consultant or a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) is an authorised immigration and citizenship representative hired to evaluate and submit your visa application on your behalf. 

RCICs are experts in the immigration field and can guide you with the best way to move to Canada. After going through rigorous curriculum and training in the Canada immigration process, they are the most qualified individuals to walk you through the overwhelming immigration journey.

Why do I need a Consultant when I can file the application for Canada Immigration on my own?

Did you know, Canada has more than 60+ immigration options for you to explore? Now can you tell for sure which one would work best for you?

It is 100% correct that you can file your PR application on your own, but having an expert in Canada immigration can help you explore the best route to move to Canada. Still not sure?

Here are 4 benefits of hiring an immigration consultant in Canada:

Licensed Consultants can help ensure a smooth stress Canada PR process

1. Visa Selection Guidance

Every immigration application is unique. To make the correct visa selection, you need the assistance of immigration experts who can guide you and provide you with the best possible strategy to reach Canada. 

GetKeel’s army of professional immigration consultants can simplify the entire immigration process for you and help you pick the program that can work in your favour. 

They can assist you prepare an immigration application that can fetch you the maximum points thereby increasing your chance of getting a Canadian Visa. 

2. Understanding And Resolving Complex Issues

Identifying the best program is not enough. The process of arriving in Canada is a bit complicated and navigating through the immigration process can be tricky. 

A lot of complications and unanswered questions can come up while preparing the documents on your own. A Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant can help you every step of the way and can guide you overcome all these hiccups with ease. 

With an immigration expert by your side, you will get your Canadian Visa in a stress free manner. Not only this, you will also have a better sense of what all to expect once you land in Canada.

3. Well-Prepared And Well-Presented Immigration Application

Canadian Immigration Consultants can help you prepare a well-presented immigration application that is acceptable to the Canadian Immigration authorities. This is especially important if you have a special case or if you feel your application is not strong enough.

4. Fast and Efficient

Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants can prepare your application for permanent residence in a much faster and efficient manner thus reducing the overall processing time of your application. 

This gives you an edge and increases your chance of getting shortlisted by Canadian Immigration authorities.

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Where can I get the best immigration consultants in Canada?

Keel can help you make your Canada dream a reality by providing the best immigration consultants at your doorstep.

GetKeel can help you with your Canada PR process

Through our streamlined immigration services, we take care of your entire immigration process and provide you with a personalised immigration consultant who acts as your authorised representative and works on your behalf to process your visa application in the most efficient manner.

Our immigration experts are certified and undergo rigorous training with the Canada regulatory council. Having a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant can make a big difference in your Canada PR journey. 

Connect with us today and help us help you move to Canada in a hassle-free manner.

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