Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP)

What is the Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP)?

Canada is a nation dedicated to reuniting families and keeping their loved ones close. The Canadian government offers numerous immigration programs that allow Canadian citizens and permanent residents  to sponsor their family members in Canada. 

You can sponsor your spouse or common-law partner and dependent children to Canada. However, many permanent residents or citizens also want to bring their parents to Canada. Fortunately, Canada welcomes parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents under its special sponsorship program – the Parents and Grandparents (PGP) program.

In this article, we will cover:

What is the Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP)?

The Parents and Grandparents Program is an immigration pathway to sponsor your parents and grandparents to immigrate to Canada. Under this program, your parents and grandparents receive permanent residency and can eventually apply for Canadian citizenship. 

With a PGP visa, your parents and grandparents can enjoy all the benefits of Canadian citizenship, such as: 

  1. being able to work in Canada;
  2. receive health care in Canada;
  3. enjoy full protection under Canadian law and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms;
  4. apply for Canadian citizenship (if they qualify).

Eligibility Criteria for the Parents and Grandparents Program

Financial requirements

You must agree to financially support your parents or grandparents. For this purpose, you must sign a letter of commitment. By signing, you agree to provide for the basic needs of your parents or grandparents. These basic needs include: 

  • Housing, including utilities;
  • Food and personal hygiene items;
  • Clothing and other items necessary for daily living;
  • Medical expenses not covered by public health insurance, such as dental and eye care.


Income requirements

You must also prove a certain minimum income to ensure that you can support yourself, your family members, and those you wish to sponsor.

For the PGP, you must exceed the minimum necessary income (MNI) for each of the past three taxation years before the date of application. The minimum necessary income (MNI) is based on the Canada Revenue Agency Notice of Assessment.

The minimum necessary income of a potential sponsor is determined by subtracting the following amounts from your total annual income:

  • Debt
  • Welfare Assistance
  • Federal, provincial, and municipal financial assistance for employment training or social/welfare benefits.
  • Compensation board payments, except those for permanent disabilities.

The minimum income is determined by the Low-income cut-off (LICO) of Statistics Canada. This is the income threshold below which a household is expected to spend a greater proportion of its expenses on living expenses than an average household.

You can prove your income in one of the following ways:

  • Send in the most recent paper copy of the Notice of Assessment;
  • Get your tax information directly from the CRA;
  • A recent copy of your employer’s T4 or T1 statement (if you are self-employed, you can get a letter from an accountant confirming your annual income);
  • Original letter from your employer stating your job title, job description, and salary;
  • Employment insurance pay stubs;
  • Proof of other sources of income, e.g. pension statement, investments, etc.

Here’s the MNI requirement for the 2021 PGP (excluding Quebec). The IRCC has not yet published the MNI requirements for the PGP 2022 applicants.

Size of Family UnitMNI2020MNI2019MNI2018
2 persons$32,270$41,007$40,379
3 persons$39,672$50,414$49,641
4 persons$48,167$61,209$60,271
5 persons$54,630$69,423$68,358
6 persons$61,613$78,296$77,095
7 persons$68,598$87,172$85,835
Each additional person$6,985$8,876$8,740

Please Note: The IRCC has lowered its MNI for 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, expect MNI requirements to increase significantly for future years.

Medical exam

A medical examination is mandatory for all visa applicants. Only an IRCC-approved physician will perform the examination, which includes: 

  • Mental and physical examination. 
  • Medical reports from your personal doctor are unnecessary.

Read our comprehensive guide on medical examination to learn more.


Your parents or grandparents must be admissible to enter Canada because not everyone is allowed to enter Canada. There are several grounds for inadmissibility to enter Canada. None of these reasons must apply to them.

Other requirements

  • You (the sponsor) should be 18 years old.
  • You should hold Canadian citizenship or permanent residence.
  • You should be residing in Canada.

Grounds for disqualification

You may not be eligible to sponsor your parents and grandparents if you:

  • are in jail, prison, or a correctional facility;
  • have not repaid
    • an immigration loan 
    • a performance bond 
    • court-ordered family support payments such as alimony or child support;

  • have not provided the financial support you agreed to provide when signing a sponsorship agreement for a relative in the past;
  • have filed for bankruptcy and are not discharged;
  • are receiving welfare benefits for a reason other than disability;
  • were convicted of a violent crime, a crime against a relative, or any sexual offense inside or outside Canada;
  • cannot legally reside in Canada and must leave the country because you have received a deportation order.

Documents required for the Parents and Grandparents Program

Here’s the list of documents you must submit: 

  • Completed application forms;
  • Proof of status in Canada;
  • Proof of physical presence in Canada;
  • Civil status documents;
  • Proof that you’ve met the minimum income for the last 3 tax years prior to application;
  • Police certificates and Clearances from all countries where your parent or grandparent has lived for six months or more after reaching the age of 18;
  • Medical certificate for your parents and grandparents;
  • Proof of payment for applicable government fees;
  • Digital photo.

How to apply for the Parents and Grandparents Program?

Here are the steps involved in the Parents and Grandparents Program:

Step 1: Receive an invite from IRCC

IRCC sends out invitations to apply for Parents Sponsorship Canada 2022 at irregular intervals. You can only apply if you have completed the “Interest in Sponsorship” form.

Step 2: Fill out the forms for Parents Sponsorship Canada 2022

Do not just fill out the sponsorship form randomly; IRCC will send you an invitation to apply.

You (the sponsor) should complete these forms: 

  • Parents and Grandparents Invitation to Apply letter, and upload it along with your confirmation number under the “Other” section in your online application.
  • Application to sponsor, Sponsorship Agreement, and Undertaking (IMM 1344); 

Note: Both sponsor (you) and applicants (your parents and grandparents) should hand-sign this form.

  • Financial Evaluation for Parents and Grandparents Sponsorship (IMM 5768); 

Note: The sponsor and co-signer (if any), should hand-sign this form.

  • Statutory Declaration of Common-law Union (IMM 5409). You, your partner, and the person making the declaration should sign this form by hand.

The sponsor should:

  • Sign and print the forms by hand;
  • Forward the forms to the principal applicant (parent or grandparent), who will 
    • upload them to their application; and 
    • sign the forms electronically.

Your parents and grandparents should complete these forms:

  • Canada Generic Application Form (IMM 0008);
  • Background/Declaration Schedule A form (IMM 5669); 

Note: Principal applicants should complete this form for themselves, their children, and other family members.

  • Additional Family Information Form (IMM 5406);
  • Additional Family Information (IMM 5662).

These forms must also be completed by your parents or grandparents:

  • Canada Generic Application Form (IMM 008);
  • Background/Declaration Schedule A form (IMM 5669);
  • Additional Family Information (IMM 5406);
  • Additional Information – Your Travels (IMM 5662).

Step 3: Submit your application to IRCC

Make sure all the information in your application is correct before submitting your application for Parents Sponsorship Canada 2022:

  • You should answer all questions to the best of your knowledge;
  • Sign your application electronically;
  • Attach your fee receipt;
  • Attach any other required documents
  • Attach all other required documents, including your letter of invitation, to your application.

Please Note: IRCC will return your application if it is not fully completed via email. You may resubmit the application after you have corrected the errors.

Step 4: Send your additional information

While your application is under process, you should submit your:

  • Medical exam results;
  • Biometrics;
  • Police certificates;
  • Adoption or birth of a child;
  • Changes in the marital status;
  • Death of an applicant and dependent.

Step 5: Receive Confirmation from IRCC

If the application is approved, your parents and grandparents will receive a confirmation of permanent residence (COPR) document

Now is the time when your parents or grandparents will go through the landing process and receive their Canada PR. To complete the landing procedure, your parents and grandparents must enter Canada through a Canadian port of entry (an international airport or Canadian land border).

They must tell the immigration officer they have received confirmation and want to complete their landing process. The officer will check the following:

  1. Their COPR
  2. Proof of funds
  3. their passport or other travel documents 
  4. they meet the eligibility requirements
  5. their medical certificate is valid if they need one.

After reviewing all documents, the immigration officer at the IRCC office or port of entry will sign and date your COPR, and their PR will be confirmed.

Application processing time for the Parents and Grandparents Program

The IRCC takes 20 months to 2 years to process an application for PGP (Parent and Grandparent Program) candidates.

IELTS for Canada

What are the alternatives to the Parents and Grandparents Program?

Super Visa

The Canadian Super Visa is a multiple-entry visa that allows parents and grandparents of Canadian permanent residents or citizens to enter Canada multiple times during the visa’s validity period (up to 10 years). 

Your parents/grandparents can visit and stay in Canada for up to five years on a single visit (with the possibility of a two-year extension). With a super visa, your parents/grandparents do not have to apply for a new visa every time they want to visit you.

Your parents and grandparents must meet the usual requirements for visitor visas to be eligible for the Super Visa program. In addition, they must:

  • provide a written commitment of financial support from their child or grandchild in Canada;
  • demonstrate that you are earning the minimum income in Canada;
  • prove they have Canadian health insurance coverage for at least one year; and
  • complete a medical examination with immigration authorities.

Read our blog on How to apply for a parent or grandparent super visa to learn more.

Humanitarian and Compassionate Applications

Humanitarian and Compassionate (H and C) applications are generally for individuals who do not have legal status in Canada but have nonetheless made Canada their home for the following reasons:

  • Family ties to Canada, who have permanent residence in Canada or are Canadian citizens;
  • Employment in Canada, but often without a valid Canadian work permit;
  • Education in Canada, but often without a valid Canadian study permit;
  • Volunteer work in Canada;
  • Upgrade of English language skills;
  • Savings and property in Canada;
  • Social ties to Canada in their communities.

Please Note: Not all factors are applicable in all cases.

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