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Design Eng, Field Eng, Quality Control Engineer, System Eng, Safety Engineer

Design Eng, Field Eng, Quality Control Engineer, System Eng, Safety Engineer

Data Science

Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Database Admin, ML Engineers,Data Architect



Product Manager, Market Research Ananlyst, Business Manager, Media Analyst


Computer Science

CN Architect, CS Specialist, Network, System Admin, Computer Design



Doctor, Surgeon, Dentist, Scientist



Bankruptcy Law, Banking Law, Commercial Law, Criminal Law, Human Rights Law


Social Sciences

Anthropology, Archaeology, Economics, History, Musicology, Human Geography, Jurisprudence


Fashion Design

Bachelor of Design Arts and the Bachelor of Design Studies.


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“It was always my dream to study abroad and build a life there. A friend recommended me to Keel and it was a smooth sail from there. They made the whole process fairly simple and transparent for me. Thank you team Keel.”

Sheetal Mehta

“My study abroad application was rejected twice and I just could not afford another rejection. Just then, I came across Keel through a friend and they helped me with each and every step. I have finally got admission in my dream university. Sky’s the limit for me now.”

Rajat Gupta

“After my +2, I was so confused about everything. I knew I wanted to study abroad but there were just too many questions. Which course? Which country? Which University? Keel helped me with all my questions and also helped me make fast decisions. Thank you team Keel for giving me the right kickstart.”

Ruchi Parmar


About Us

Keel supports future leaders from India to fulfil their dreams of becoming a part of a global network and study at the top International Universities. Our team of global study experts and student mentors help you every step of the way – From choosing the right course and university to helping you fill your application and financing your education to settling once you land, Keel invests heavily in your journey towards success.


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Why Keel?

Keel is India’s largest tech-enabled study abroad platform supported by top 0.01% experts in the world. We help students around the globe realise their true potential by facilitating them to pursue the career of their dreams, study at their dream universities and settle in the country of their choice.

Can you know me of a few organisations I can reach out to for evaluation of my transcripts and academic credentials?

There are number of organisations that help with the same and our customer success manager can guide you through the process. If a University has a particular organisation to evaluate and convert the GPA, they usually provide you the list themselves.

Do you provide post study abroad support?

Yes, we provide post study abroad support. We also post resources in the form of blogs and videos that will help you kickstart your study abroad journey the right way.

What are the benefits of study abroad?

Ten benefits to studying abroad

  1. See the World and truly become a global citizen with a better future for the upcoming generations.
  2. World-class education with a diverse community of people.
  3. Take in a New Culture.
  4. Hone Your Language Skills.
  5. Lucrative Career Opportunities from top companies in the world.
  6. Find New Interests.
  7. Make Lifelong Friends.
  8. Personal Development.
  9. Be a part of global alumni network.
  10. Life experiences that can help you in your personal and professional growth.

Why do I need application assistance?

The foremost thing to know before deciding to go for professional help is that your dream university might not appreciate a sloppily filled application with avoidable mistakes. Such small things could not only lead to rejection but also can lower your chances of fulfilling your study abroad dream. Keel has a team of experts who have years of experience in filing study abroad application. Our team walks you through the entire process and review everything minutely to make sure there is no error.

Learn From The Top 0.01% IELTS Coaches In India​

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