Processing Standards Could Be Back To Normal By The End Of This Calendar Year

Processing Standards Could Be Back To Normal By The End Of This Calendar Year

IRCC is working towards bringing the processing times for immigration related applications back to  normal by the end of this calendar year. Due to the pandemic, the authorities are grappling with a huge backlog due to which the processing times have taken a hit.

But now with the situation coming  back to normal, the government is  positive that everything including the processing standards would come back to normal. 

Processing Standard is the standard set by the IRCC in processing the application process.

The Standard processing time and actual processing time both are different.

Actions Taken By Government:

IRCC is improving the wait times for applicants by adding more staff and modernizing its system. They plan to invest $827 million in digitizing this current immigration process which will transform it into an efficient, customer-centric experience. IRCC has already processed over 156,000 permanent residency applications in the first quarter of 2022.

IRCC has announced new measures to speed up processing for certain lines of business, including PR card renewals. The average processing time has already been down from 120-day last December to less than 65 days!

What is the new change in Express Entry?

“What I’m most excited about is how we are going to be able to target workers more specifically using the Express Entry system. The new flexibilities will allow us to fill key gaps in the economic sectors,” said Fraser

One of the many things Minister Fraser wants to act upon is to enlarge the pathways to the PR via Express Entry for the international students and temporary foreign workers. Earlier, the minister has also recommended that there is the possibility of occupation-specific Express Entry draws.

The future certainly looks promising for immigrants looking to migrate to Canada. Since the Express Entry is resuming in July, here are a few things you can keep in mind before filing your Canada PR application: 

1. Identify the program you might be eligible for and that works best for you in the long run:

Canada offers close to 80+ different routes to move and settle in Canada. It is extremely crucial to understand which program works best for you before moving any further in your Canada PR process. 

Thinking about how to find out which  route is best for you? Well! You can get a consultation from a Licensed Immigration Consultant through Keel. These consultants are certified individuals and are capable of laying out a streamlined PR process for you. Having  an expert will also  help you with quick decision making thus increasing your chances of moving to Canada. 

2. Consider bringing a Licensed Consultant on board to help you with the filing process:

You can file your application on your own but the DIY route can make things more complex for you. Plus you might have to spend a lot of  time and energy figuring everything out. It is a good idea to go to an expert and have everything figured out for you right from the  beginning. This will save you a lot of time and will save you from a lot of unnecessary hassle.

3. Gather your documents beforehand:

Once your program is figured out and you have an expert by your side, it is time to get the work started. Collect all important documents beforehand to avoid any last-minute hassle or mistake. Having a Licensed Immigration Consultant to assist you will eliminate the chances of error but collecting everything beforehand can save you a lot of to and fro and your application can be filed in a much faster way.  

4. Be complete and accurate:

Do not withhold any information as it can work against you later. In case you have a special case or something uncomfortable to disclose or your application has been rejected before, taking a Licensed Consultant’s help can play a crucial part in ensuring everything runs smoothly in your application. 

Canada is all set to welcome 400,000 plus immigrants this year. So now is your time and chance to start working towards making your Canada dream a reality with Keel. 

Contact us today and book a consultation with our Licensed Consultant!

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