Ontario Expanding College Degree Options In Attempt To Address Workforce Shortages

For all those looking to make a life in Ontario, we have good news for you. 

In an attempt to address labour shortages in its province, Ontario is adding public college degree options.

But, what does it mean for aspiring students looking to study in Canada? 

It means that public colleges will enrol students for three and four-year degree programs in the near future. These degrees will prepare graduates for jobs in the specific fields that are facing the labour shortages in Ontario like the auto sector.

A statement from government authorities say that these three-year applied degree programs will allow educational institutions to train skilled workers in technology, electric and infrastructure jobs.

Colleges and Universities Minister Jill Dunlop says that the plan is in alignment with the government’s priority of investing in critical infrastructure and eventually making the province a North American leader in the auto sector.

The new programs will start accepting students in the fall of 2023.

In addition to this, the cap on the degree programs that a college can offer would rise by five per cent and will be duly approved by the provincial government. 

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program

Under this program, Ontario recognizes and nominates foreign nationals who have the skills and experience needed to boost the Ontario economy.

There are three ways you may qualify:

  • Employer job offer category: It is for those who have a permanent job offer. 
  • Human capital category: It is for those who possess relevant experience and a profile in Canada’s Express Entry system; or for international graduates. There are two sub-categories:
    • International graduate stream. 
    • Ontario’s Express Entry streams which further includes 
      • French-Speaking Skilled Worker stream
      • Human Capital priorities stream
      • Skilled Trades stream
  • Business category: This stream is for entrepreneurs looking to start a business or buy an existing business in Ontario.

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