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Do I Need A Job Offer To Migrate To Canada?

This article will give you an overview of some Canadian immigration programs that do not ask for a job offer.

Do I need a job offer to get Canada PR?

Can I get a job in Canada and get an Invitation to Apply in the next two months?

Can you get me a job offer to migrate to Canada?

These are some of the few questions we get almost everyday in our DMs and our answer to all of them is always a NO.

No, you don’t need a job offer to get Canada PR. There are several immigration programs that you can apply for based on your existing work or study experience.

There are more than 100 economic-class immigration pathways to Canada PR. No, we are not talking about family and refugee-class immigration programs.

The following is a list of some Canadian immigration programs that can get you an ITA even if you do not already have a job lined up in Canada.

Express Entry

Express Entry is one of the fastest application management systems for the following immigration programs:

  • The Federal Skilled Worker Program,
  • The Canadian Experience Class, and
  • The Federal Skilled Trades Program.

Read our comprehensive guide on Express Entry here.

These programs ask for relevant work experience, but you do not need a Canadian job offer to be eligible.

Candidates eligible for applying via Express Entry get a score based on the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS).

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) sends an ITA (Invitation to apply) for a PR visa to the highest-scoring Express Entry candidates every two weeks. Due to the pandemic, Express entry draws were put on hold. But here is a piece of good news – it is resuming again in July 2022.

IRCC will once again invite FSWP and CEC candidates to apply for permanent resident status.

Before 2022, Express Entry was one of the most sought-after Canada immigration programs.

Another popular way to get a permanent resident card is the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP). The PNP allows Canadian provinces and territories to create their immigration programs suited to their respective economic needs. A lot of these programs do not require job offers from the candidates.

Some of these Provincial nominee programs are:

Ontario Human Capital Priorities Stream

About one-third of newcomers pick Ontario to apply for permanent residence every year. With lucrative employment opportunities, high wages, and a diverse population, Ontario has been one of the top choices to apply for permanent residence.

Approximately 8,000 prospective express entry candidates become permanent residents in Ontario every year. To settle in Ontario as a permanent resident, you do not need a job offer. You can apply for the Ontario Express Entry: Human Capital Priorities Stream.

Under this stream, the province nominates skilled workers who meet the language, work experience, and other requirements.

With an active Express Entry profile and meeting the requirements set by Ontario, you can get an invitation to apply for permanent residency in Canada.

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BC Skills Immigration International Post-Graduate

BC Skills Immigration International Post-Graduate

Another way to get Canadian Permanent Residence without a job offer is by having a graduate degree in science from an eligible British Columbia institution.

BC science graduates can apply for Permanent Residence under the Skills Immigration—International Post-Graduate category.

Under this category, the BC government invites immigration candidates who hold a master’s or Ph.D. degree in the following programs:

  • agriculture;
  • biological and biomedical sciences;
  • computer and information sciences and support services;
  • engineering;
  • engineering technology;
  • health professions and related clinical sciences;
  • mathematics and statistics;
  • natural resources conservation and research; or
  • physical sciences.

To apply under the British Columbia immigration program, submit your application to the BC Provincial Nomination Program within three years of the date shown on your official transcript.

In addition to having a degree, you need to demonstrate that you have the intention and ability to live and work in British Columbia. You can do this by submitting evidence of your previous or current period of residence in the province. You can also show proof of your work, study, or family ties to British Columbia.

Another way to prove your intention is by describing any steps you have taken to settle permanently, such as appearing for interviews, finding a place to live, or community involvement.

Please note that you do not need to have a profile in the federal Express Entry system to be eligible for this stream.

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Alberta Express Entry

Alberta express entry

The Alberta Express Entry Stream is another immigration program that does not require candidates to have a job offer for PR status.

To apply for the Alberta immigration program, you need to create an Express Entry profile and indicate your interest in settling permanently in Alberta. Here are some of the general eligibility criteria you would have to fulfill for the Alberta Express Entry Stream:

  • Have a valid Express Entry profile in the IRCC Express Entry system.
  • Have stated an interest in immigrating to Alberta.
  • Possess a relevant skill that supports Alberta’s economic development.
  • Have a minimum CRS score of 300.

You can further increase your chances if:

  • Manage to get a job offer in Alberta or acquire work experience in the province;
  • Become a graduate of a Canadian post-secondary institution; or
  • Have a parent, child, or sibling as a permanent resident living in Alberta.

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Saskatchewan Express Entry and Occupations In Demand

Saskatchewan Express Entry

There are two streams under Saskatchewan Provincial Nomination Program that do not require job offers:

  • Saskatchewan Express Entry-linked stream – This stream requires you to have an active profile in the federal Express Entry system.

  • Saskatchewan Occupation In-Demand stream – This stream is designed to bring skilled workers to bridge the labor gap in the market. An applicant must have at least one year of work experience in one of the occupations included on Saskatchewan’s Occupations In-Demand list to be eligible for this stream.

Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities

Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities

Nova Scotia offers a variety of immigration pathways keeping in mind a variety of in-demand profiles. One of these programs is the Nova Scotia Labour Market Priorities stream, perfect for those who do not have a job offer.

To be eligible under this stream, you will need to:

  • Have a valid Express Entry profile number.
  • Have stated an intention to move to Nova Scotia in your Express Entry profile.
  • Have received a Letter of Interest from Nova Scotia
  • Meet the criteria when you receive the Nova Scotia Letter of Interest.
  • Meet the work experience requirements under which you have qualified: Federal Skilled Worker Program, Canadian Experience Class, or Federal Skilled Trades Program.
  • Have the supporting documents to demonstrate your work experience.
  • Have proof of your immigration status in the country you are currently residing.
  • Be able to show the expenses to support yourself and your family.

Programs that do not require a job offer allow you to apply for Canadian permanent residency making it easier for you to move to Canada and then look for a job that interests you. It also makes it easy for Canadian employers to hire you.

Wondering which stream would work best for you?
Not sure how to apply for permanent residence in Canada once you have identified the stream that works for you?
Have you faced rejection for any of these immigration programs before?

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