Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) – Gateway To Canada Explained

Entry candidates in the Express Entry pool are selected for permanent residency according to the Comprehensive Ranking System. The highest-ranked candidate receives an invitation to apply (ITA) after which they need to submit detailed documents within 60 days.

What is a Comprehensive Ranking System?

In order to rank express entry candidates, the Canadian government uses a merit-based points system known as Comprehensive Ranking System or CRS score. This point system assigns a score to the candidates whose immigration application is present in the Express Entry pool.

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The score assigned to each candidate looking to get Canadian permanent residency is called the CRS score. Getting a high Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score improves your immigration chances through Express Entry.

Express Entry for Canada Permanent Residency manages three programs

Express entry applicants get a CRS score out of 1200 points. A draw is conducted every two weeks where Invitations to Apply (ITAs) for permanent residence are assigned to the highest-ranking candidates.

Please note that IRCC does not provide any information on the minimum required CRS score, the date of the draw, or the number of ITAs that will be issued in advance.

Find your CRS score using our CRS calculator.

How does the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) work?

Canadian government allocates CSR points to the following categories: 

  • age 
  • level of education
  • official language proficiency
  • second official language
  • Canadian work experience.

And consider 4 different factors to allot points on your express entry profile.

  • Core Human Capital Factors 
  • Spouse or common law partner factors
  • Skill Transferability Factors 
  • Additional Factors

How is your CRS score calculated? [CRS points breakdown]

Comprehensive Ranking system formula is as follows:

Calculation of Comprehensive Ranking System for Canada Permanent Residency

Summary of maximum points per factor for Express Entry candidates

FactorsMaximum Points Available
A. Core / Human Capital Factors460 (with spouse)
500 (without spouse)
B. Spouse or Common-Law Factors40
C. Skill Transferability Factors100
D. Additional Points600
Maximum Total Points1200

A. Core / Human Capital Factors

FactorsWith a spouse or common-law partnerWithout a spouse or common-law partner
Level of education140150
Official languages proficiency150160
Canadian work experience7080

B. Spouse or common-law partner factors

Level of education10
Official language proficiency20
Canadian Work Experience
A. Core/human capital + B. Spouse or common-law partner factors = Maximum 500 points (with OR without a spouse or common-law partner)

C. Skill transferability factors (maximum 100 points)

With good/strong official languages proficiency and a post-secondary degree
With Canadian work experience and a post-secondary degree
Foreign work experience
With good/strong official languages proficiency (Canadian Language Benchmark [CLB] level 7 or higher) and foreign work experience
With Canadian work experience and foreign work experience
Certificate of qualification (for people in trade occupations)
With good/strong official languages proficiency and a certificate of qualification50
A. Core/human capital + B. Spouse or common-law partner + C. Transferability factors = Maximum 600 points

D. Additional points (maximum 600 points)

Brother or sister living in Canada (citizen or permanent resident) 15
French language skills 50
Post-secondary education in Canada 30
Arranged employment 200
PN nomination 600
Maximum 600
A. Core/human capital + B. Spouse or common-law partner factors + C. Transferability factors + D. Additional points = Grand total – Maximum 1,200 points

What CRS score is required for PNPs?

The eligibility criteria is different for various Provincial Nominee Programs. Many programs use the Express Entry system to locate prospective candidates and invite them to apply for permanent residency. Although the CRS score differs from draw to draw, certain provincial states disclose the minimum CRS score requirement.

Cut-off score for CRS in 2022

The latest Express entry draw took place on March 2nd, 2022.

Here’s the details:

  • CRS score cut off: 761
  • Number of candidates invited to apply: 1047 ITAs issued

This draw is the fifth Express Entry draw of 2022.

How can I improve my CRS score in 2022?

If your CSR score is less, you don’t have to worry. Here are a few ways you can improve it:

  • Retake and submit language test results. You can either take IELTS or CELPIP. If you are fluent in French you can take TEF or TCF.
  • You can look to add post secondary degree points to your current CSR score. You can do a distant post secondary degree program online or look for a student visa first and then apply for PR once you have completed the degree.
  • You can try and get a valid job offer. The Canadian job market is especially open to skilled professionals. You can look for technical jobs online and apply for them. Having a valid job offer can add a considerable number of points to your CSR score.

Can a Provincial Nominee Program increase my CRS score?

Provincial nominee programs (PNP) give temporary residence opportunities to express entry candidates having a poor CRS score. A provincial nomination can add 600 CRS points to your existing score. Certain provinces have specific requirements for nomination programs. Candidates invited under PNP must settle in their province for a certain amount of time.

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Do I get more CRS points if I apply with a spouse?

The express entry system works differently based on your marriage status. Having a spouse or common law partner can help you earn more points. A common law partner has to take language tests in either of the two Canada’s official languages – English and French. The official language abilities along with the post secondary program credentials can considerably increase your chances of permanent residence.

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