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Unlicensed Consultants
Application filed by sales people with no credibility or qualification. Getting your application filed by unlicensed consultants have a strong chance of rejection and potential ban from Canada.

100% Licensed Canadian Consultants Keel only has licensed Canadian immigration consultants (RCIC) on the team to provide you immigration advice. This maximizes your chances of success since these Consultants are professionals who know the immigration process inside out

Bad quality profile evaluation

Your profile gets evaluated by salespeople who don't have an inside view of how Immigration works. Remember: Eligibility doesn't make you a good candidate for PR in Canada

High quality profile evaluation

We don't just evaluate your profile to check eligibility. We tell you the best programs you qualify for. In case you don't We lay down a step by step process to build your profile and become eligible. We don't file if you don't meet the required eligibility criteria and tell you upfront.

Lack of Transparency

99% of the consultants don't share the credentials for your application on CIC. Once they receive the money, they leave you in the dark. You keep running for updates

Don't run for updates anymore

Keel assigns you a customer success manager (CSM) whose sole duty is to make you successful. CSM handholds you throughout the process and provides you the support to get the required documents. They also keep sending constant updates. We run after you so that you don't have to.

You need to settle for the consultants who are near you

You are limited to only the consultants you find near you. The quality of advice is poor which is further limited to the bad quality unlicensed consultants.

Best quality service at the comfort of your home

You are no longer limited to the bad quality consultants near you. Keel gets the best quality RCICs to file your immigration application for Canada PR from the comfort of your home wherever you are in this world!

Super high charges and scams

Since they not bounded by any rules laid by Canada, Unlicensed consultants charge anywhere from INR 80k-3 lac for giving consultation by random unlicensed consultants. They promise you jobs, give you fake job offers and you are scammed.

High quality consultants at an affordable price

We are 100% transparent since every immigration advice at Keel is given by Licensed Canadian Immigration Consultants. We don't promise anything we can't deliver and at the end of your PR journey connect you to mentors who help you with job applications and even referrals!

End to End Immigration Application Platform

Only Licensed Consultants

No more ghost consultants ghosting you!

Don't Settle for the consultant "near you"

No more ghost consultants ghosting you!

Your Money Is Precious

Know your chances before starting your application

Don't Run For Updates For Months

End to end application management at one platform

Salary Comparison India vs Canada


Av. Canadian Salary

Av. Indian Salary

IT engineers/software professionals

CAD 102,900

INR 6,00,000


CAD 85,500

INR 3,60,000


CAD 50,000

INR 7,58,000


CAD 78,000

INR 2,98,000

Sales & marketing

CAD 60,000

INR 6,00,000


CAD 45,800

INR 2,49,000


CAD 42,600

INR 3,00,000

Restaurant managers

CAD 42,000

INR 4,14,000