7 Red Flags To Look Out For Before Hiring A Consultant In Canada

7 Red Flags To Look Out For Before Hiring A Consultant In Canada

Three years ago, Rajat Thakur decided to migrate to Canada in search of new job opportunities, universal healthcare and free education for his kids. He saw a leaflet on a pole of the Delhi metro. 

The pamphlet “guaranteed immigration to Canada” by the best immigration consultants in the city. He immediately arranged a meeting to understand what kind of immigration services Company X provided. 

At the meeting, the immigration consultant explained everything about the Canada immigration process. He demanded 100% advance payment for filing his PR application and service fees.

Rajat thought everything would go smoothly but soon the cracks started to appear. There were silly mistakes in his application due to which the process got delayed unnecessarily. 

But Rajat was determined and so he took the matters in his hand, understood the immigration process and tried to fix everything to the best of his knowledge.

But, his Canada PR visa got rejected.

Want to know the biggest mistake Rajat committed in this whole story?

He put his faith in the wrong company. He did not check if the immigration consultant is a Licensed Consultant in Canada.

There are thousands like Rajat who inspired us to start Keel – A Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) only firm to help people get the streamlined immigration services for their Permanent Residence visa.

But there still needs to be a lot of awareness on your part to make sure you don’t have the same experience. We present seven red flags to look out for before hiring an immigration consultant for filing your Canada PR application.

Red Flag #1: Unwilling to prove their membership

Every immigration consultant in Canada is registered with the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC). They are referred to as Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants (RCIC). Upon registration, each RCIC is given a membership number that you can use to verify their authenticity. 

Always ask for the consultant’s RCIC number. If your consultant is not willing to prove his membership, he may be a fraud. 

If you do receive the number, follow the steps below to verify its authenticity: 

Step 1: Visit the CICC website.

Step 2: Enter the details, either the RCIC number, company name, or location.

Step 3: Click Search.

Red Flag #2: Guarantees for successful application

No one can guarantee a successful immigration application to Canada, no matter their experience or connections. If someone guarantees a successful application, they are likely deceiving you. 

However, an authentic consultant can use his knowledge to tell you the relative strength of your application – excellent, good, average, or below average. He will provide you with a clear picture of your case and even list down the ways where the chance of success is high for you.

He will also give you tips on how to improve the strength of your application for Canada PR

Just a 15 minutes call with RCIC can answer all your questions and clear most of your doubts about Canada Immigration. In that spirit, we have started our “15-minute Consultation Call” plan where you will get to talk to a consultant and get a sense of how your PR journey will look like if you decide to go with Keel. 

Red Flag #3: Refusal to sign a retainer contract.

Retainer Contract – A long-term employment contract between a company and a client that specifies the duration of services, payment structure, and everything else. 

Every Licensed Consultant signs a retainer agreement with their clients. You should not pay, sign or hand over details until you have signed an agreement. Any consultant who refuses to sign a contract is a red flag. 

Do not blindly trust a piece of paper you have in front of you. Read every word and understand its meaning. A shady consultant may get you to sign a worthless piece of paper. Moreover, he may also sneak in extra fees and manipulative tricks in the contract.

Red Flag #4: No online presence

Online presence has become essential for any business, and the immigration industry is no exception. Nowadays, every immigration consultant has a website or social media presence. Search for their website, read about them, and try to learn as much as you can to verify their authenticity. If you can not find anything about who they are, what they do, where they are located, or other related things, you should not avail of their services.

Red Flag #5: Ask for money for a job offer

No employer in Canada charges money for a job offer. Also, consultants are not recruiters; they do not hire on behalf of anyone. If you receive a job offer from an “employer” or an immigration consultant who asks for money in return, you should pass on it.

Sometimes you may even receive an employment contract and be asked to pay a visa fee, a processing fee, or some other fee. These employment contracts are fake. You do not have to pay a commission, processing fee, or anything else for any job offer. 

Red Flag #6: Unusual payment terms

Make your payments by bank transfer or check only and get a signed receipt. All authentic immigration consultants use banking channels to accept payments. Do not make any payment if you are asked to pay by cash, wire transfer, PayPal, or any other method.  

Moreover, make sure to clarify the breakdown of fees with your immigration consultant. Later, check the application fee online to ensure you are not cheated. Consultants who do not accept bank transfers or provide a breakdown of fees are likely to scam you.

Red Flag #7: Unable to file and submit the application

RCICs and immigration lawyers can help you find the best immigration program such as express entry, provincial nominee program and so on and file your immigration applications on your behalf. If your consultant tells you that they cannot submit an application but only guide you, they are a fraud and indicate that the CICC does not license them. 

The only exception is RISIAs, who are only allowed to offer advice on study permit applications and cannot submit applications on your behalf.

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We will assign you an RCIC best suited to your immigration needs and he will take care of your application and handhold you throughout the process to make sure all the paperwork is done right. 

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